Sunday, 27 November 2011

What's On Instant?

Netflix Instant is pretty much the best thing ever, and those of who disagree, while I respect your right to not agree with me, I think you are a wrong stupid person. Instant is great, for both movies and TV shows. It gives me a good mixture of classics that I have seen a thousand times and can always put on a thousand more (The Big Lebowski, Die Hard, all of LOST), and has given me opportunities to see lots of new things I'd never seen before, both good and bad, and the bad is usually as fun as the good.

So with a ridiculous amount of choices out there what should one watch? What movies and TV shows are going to be worth your valuable time (because yeah, I am sure if you are reading this blog your guys' time is valuable eh)? Well that's why I'm writing this segment "What's on Instant?" I am going to straight up tell you how to spend your time on Netflix Instant. Everyone has Instant at this point, right? And if you don't, just exchange a friend's password for either food or handjobs.

Party Down (Showtime, 2009-2010)

Party Down, created by John Enborn, Dan Ethridge, Rob Thomas (not that Rob Thomas), and Paul Rudd (yes that Paul Rudd), is an offshoot of the awkward Office brand of humor that has pervaded our televisions for the last 8 years, but luckily, it's a good one. Party Down is a party catering company in LA, employed mostly with actors and other young aspiring Hollywood personalities.

It stars Ken Marino (Wet Hot American Summer yesmoreplease), Adam Scott (one of the most wonderful faces on TV/in movies right now. If you are unfamiliar please IMDB him right now. I will wait. See him? Yup, that awesome motherfucker), and the absolutely hilarious and Jewishly-adorable Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls, AND she's the chick who blows up in Cloverfield!!!), and even Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks!). That's a fucking cast.

But, much like many of the best shows ever made (Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, The Cape) it was cancelled far too early, leaving us with only two measly seasons and only twenty episodes. You can watch it all in about a day if you just go for it. And I ALWAYS say go for it (I don't ALWAYS say that).

The Thing - (John Carpenter, 1982)

The Thing is probably my favorite horror movie of all time (which means it very well could be your favorite movie of all time). It's just everything I like about horror, about gore, and about Kurt Russell. A bunch of dudes (only dudes, a whole lot of dudes) are stuck on a science expedition in the cold wastelands of Antatctica. A replicating alien has been thawed and is running around duplicating all the members of their team, killing them violently and awesomely. The visual effects and make-up done by then 22-year-old Rob Bottin is reason alone to watch this flick.

See this movie. See it often. See it hard.

Peep Show (British TV Show Channel, 2003-Present)

I am not the biggest fan of British humour (although I love their spelling). Sure some of it is pretty okay but I can't deal with it on a normal basis. However Peep Show is just the shit. Wonderful stuff, pal. It's a pretty straightforward slacker situational comedy (SITCOM GET IT?!?) about lazy unemployed musician Jeremy, and the overworried, neuortic Mark. The two go through the every day trials of work, friendship, love, sex, mushroom tripping, and dog murder. Oh, also, it's called Peep Show because every shot is from a person's own perspective and it is totally weird looking and might turn people off but I think it's really funny.

Apparently it's just been renewed for an 8th and 9th season. So cheers.

So these are just three recommendations of many more to come. Check 'em out. Watch em on Netflix, steal people's passwords. Kill if necessary (don't kill if necessary).

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