Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tunes of the Season

I've been feeling kind of basic lately. While not always the best way to grow as a person, it has its definite comforting qualities. When it comes to tunes, I have been finding myself returning to a handful of songs to get through the weeks. Lately I have wanted songs that make me feel mellow, introspective. I want to rock out a bit, but I want to keep it on the groovy side. I want to find my head rocking to the subtle beat. And I want to disappear into it like cigarette smoke spiraling towards the ceiling. I want the lights kept low and I want the candles to keep burning. Play these songs loudly, play them alone or with someone, or with a lot of people.

Hey - The Pixies (Doolittle)

There are whores in my bed. Whores at the door. And whores in my head.

Heaven - The Rolling Stones (Tattoo You)

I am not a big proponent (or one at all) of the Stones after about 1973, but this song is an exception. It's an exception because I am kissing and running away.

Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks (Face to Face)

This song might not quite follow suit of the previous two. But who gives a fuck it's fucking Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks.

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